The Truffle Table, Denver CO

If you want to have a delightful tasty experience with cheese, wine and cured meat visit The Truffle Table!

We ordered 5 cheeses and 5 meats and a bottle of Pinot noir.

They open at 4pm on Saturdays. We went there for a snack time after a long bike ride through Denver. We had a fabulous time! Be prepared to see a huge wheel of cheese cut during your time there! Really impressive!





3S dinner at Home

When : May 6, 2012



Where : home

What :

  • Summer salad : romain lettuce with tomatoes, basil, scallions, Swiss cheese. Dressing : olive oil and lemon juice ! Fresh arômes!
  • Salmon : ginger mustard salmon ! secret recipe of mi amor – delicious!
  • Sautéed Spinach : spinach, pistachios, rosemary, salt.

Why :

Well we wanted a healthy dinner! It was very healthy and very good. We had some Châteauneuf du Pape. This is my favorite wine of all time. Why ? Because it has an amazing taste and a great story or should I say history.

We talked about this wine. I explained to mi amor the reason why this wine is so good. This is a very complex wine. It’s a combination of History and Geography.
So It grows on a particularly soils. 3 different kind of soils but one in particular is interesting. The characteristic comes from the “galets”. Smoothed by the Rhône river these rocks release at night the heat they absorb during the day and protect the soil of the vines during dry summers. The mistral is a wind that helps to keep a dry climate and the sun shines a lot in this area!
1308 – Pope Clément V decided to relocate the papacy to the town of Avignon. He was one of the first wine producers in Châteauneuf. Wine lover he planted more vines around the papacy. Most of the vineyards in France belong at this time to the clergy and the nobles who know how to take care of the vines and make wine. The French Revolution put an end to their properties. Every vineyard was divided into small ones. A business starts where the quality of wine is not as good as it was. Except in Châteauneuf! The wine from there was famous and the vineyard owners pay attention to the quality of their wine!

This wine has a special complex taste because its vines have an history that they draw from the land they grown on!

Have a glass!