Kale at home

I love Kale and the good thing is: it’s good for you!

I got inspired by the recipe in the smitten cookbook that features kale and cranberries and pecan. I didn’t have a lot of pecan, but a ton of almonds. I roasted them in the oven at 375f.

I also wanted to use some sun dried tomatoes I had. Finally I had Parmesan cheese, shaved. Oh ….and also a sprinkle of fresh rosemary.

The key is to let you salad air in the dressing before serving! Delicious!

Dressing: olive oil 3tbsp, 1tbsp ginger lemon vinegar, salt, pepper.



My healthy broccoli pesto…

When : January 25, 2012

Where : Home

What :

  • Broccoli Pesto : Broccoli florets / Garlic / Grated Parmesan cheese / basil leaves / olive oil = A delicious pesto!

Why :

I saw a recipe of pesto made with Brussels sprout pesto. And in my fridge I had a broccoli which was ready to be used! It’s a delicious alternative to the traditional pesto. I had some bread with it for an appetizer! Saved some for mi amor who is coming back tonight!