Super Bowl Pizza!


A pizza that all vegetarians and foodies will love. You will need:

1 Pizza Crust
2 cloves of garlic
2 scallions
1 yukon potato
2 small zucchinis
10 yellow cherry tomatoes
6 brussel sprouts
Olive Oil
Pink Salt
Pizza Dough (not too thick!)
Goat cheese
Swiss Cheese

Slice the potatoes (very thin) and mix them in a bowl with olive oil. Lay them out on a cookie sheet and cook at 375 F for 15 mintues, until the edges are browned. Preheat oven to 475 after the potatoes are done.

Slice the zuchinnis with the peeler to make very thin, long slices. Mix them with one tablespoon of olive oil and salt, then put aside. Shred the brussel sprouts, and coat with 1 tablesoon of olive oil (mix in a bowl) with a bit of salt. Put aside. Do the same with the cherry tomatoes (slice in half).

Put the dough on a pizza pan (preferably with holes). Cover the dough with a bit of olive oil, and add the smashed garlic, scallions (sliced very thin). Crumble and spread the goat cheese evenly on the dough. Add the swiss cheese on top (cover the whole service). Lay 1/2 of the potatoes on the dough, spread evely. Lay the zuchinni and brussel sprouts evenly on the top of the pizza. Put the tomatoes on top of the pizza, and then lay the remaining potatoes. Spread a bit of olive oil and salt on the top of the pizza.

Cook the pizza for approximately 15 to 20 min until the crust is cooked.


It’s actually a great pizza and I will say add some tiny bite of bacon and you would please the hard core meat eaters!

I made it with what we had in the fridge 🙂 it worked


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