Brunch at one of the “Best French Restaurants in the US”! Petite Chou – Bistro And Champagne Bar

My first weekend ever in Indianapolis, he brought me to Petite Chou in Broad Ripple. Since I am French, it made sense to him to bring me to a French place. Also Petite Chou is a local Indy legend, and he had tried it and loved it. I was very pleased!

Since then, we have been back many times. We went there with our good friends, with his family and I hope we will go when my family comes to visit the Midwest. They have delicious food and the service is impeccable. The terrace is lovely especially when the weather is like today — 80 degrees and sunny.  And guess what? Don’t just take my word for it —  it has to be pretty amazing because Kimberly Lovato put Petite Chou among the Best French restaurant in the US. Check out the Travel and Leisure magazine about the Best restaurants in the US.


Petite Chou Bistro And Champagne Bar

823 Westfield Blvd

Indianapolis, IN 46220



When: September 1, 2013


  • Champagne Cocktail: I got the Lavender and he got the Bellini. You probably think if you never tried a lavender infused cocktail that it’s probably not appealing. ” Do you really like lavender?” he asked me. Well, I asked our waitress Betsy and she said it was her favorite one. You need to try it. It’s refreshing,  very floral taste but so enjoyable that you forget there is alcohol in it. He tried it and guess what: he loved it.
IMG_4523 IMG_4522
  • Crêpe Provencale –  Ratatouille and Feta cheese:  He ordered this crêpe because it combines his two favorite dishes. He loves ratatouille and if I could make crêpe everyday for the rest of his life he wouldn’t be far from the happiest man on the planet. I have to say that this crêpe is not only appetizing but also delightful 🙂 Great French food is based on the ingredients — they have to be the best and you have to taste all of them.
  • Crêpe Complete – Bacon, Goat cheese and béchamel: I ordered this one and was more than satisfied with my choice. It has a creamy taste and a lovely goat cheese that is not too strong, not too soft. The bacon (I am not a huge fan of meat in general but I am obsessed with bacon) had a great crispy texture and smoky flavor to add this crêpe. What I love about their savory crêpes is that they have some lightly dressed greens that come on the side. It helps you not to feel guilty. Great for Brunch!

    Crêpe Complète

    Crêpe Complète

even he couldn't resist!

even he couldn’t resist!

  • Sweet Crêpe: We couldn’t resist. You have to order the simplest though. A crêpe with just plain sugar is so delectable!
    Sweet Crêpe

    Sweet Crêpe

    we have to eat it all :-)
    we have to eat it all 🙂


Well, He turned 30 something today and I wanted to bring him somewhere for Brunch. We biked from Downtown to north Broad Ripple and stopped there. What a lovely Brunch…

Don’t wait go there and enjoy!

Find more about how great it is for Martha Hoover and the city of Indy in the IndyStar article by Jolene Ketzenberger.


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