Lunch at Second Helpings, IN

When: July 5, 2012

Where: Second Helpings, Indianapolis IN


  • Tuna salad, Cob salad, Shrimp salad, salmon salad, sole…..


What about a “package solution” to the problems of hunger, food waste and poverty? Eliminating hunger, empowering people and rescuing food is what Second Helpings does. This non profit was started in 1998 by 3 Chefs who had this amazing idea. Inspired by DC Central Kitchen, Second Helpings remains to be the only organization in Indy that combine the 3 components: Food rescue; Hunger relief and ten-week culinary job training program. Basically, volunteers come in everyday to prepare meals with the food that has been rescued. By lunch time they can enjoy a meal prepared by the class in training. Everyday volunteers prepare 3000 meals. This organization wouldn’t exist without volunteers.

I am currently doing an internship withing the job training program. I am having a blast!

So this lunch was prepared by the class in training: Class#68. It was delicious and perfect for the hot days we have been having here in Indy.

Check out their website:


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