Dinner at Logan, Ann Arbor MI

Where: Logan Restaurant, Ann Arbor, MI

When: June 16, 2012


  • Panzanella salad: Italian bread salad tossed with Moroccan dry-cured olives, basil and arugula. Marinated with sherry-tomato vinaigrette. Delicious!
  • Sustainable selection: Fresh seasonal sustainable fish hand selected by Chef Thad I had M. ginger infused tomato & grapefruit sauce.
  • Olive oil poached tuna: Yellow fin tuna* delicately poached in aromatic olive oil. Served with braised fennel, saffron risotto and lemon nage. Garnished with a hand-made olive crisp.
  • Fennel Pollen Crème Brulée: Anise, creamy custard, burnt


I was still visiting Ann Arbor! I had an amazing night with my friend and the waiter was extremely nice. I highly recommend everyone to go there if you stopped by Ann Arbor!


Call: (734) 327 – 2312

115 West Washington Street
Ann Arbor, MI


One thought on “Dinner at Logan, Ann Arbor MI

  1. I’ve been to Logan twice. First time was years ago and I barely remember it. The second time was a couple of months ago, but I had to go home for a babysitting issue. They kept my dish warm, but I think it lost something. Want to go back to give it a full review!! Good to see you liked it.

    btw – I go to Carmel all the time and can second the Monon trail. I’m curious about the Mass Ave area. Is that near Broadripple? My cousin owns Khoury’s there…

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