Dinner at Recess





An amazing dinner!

When: April 19, 2012

Where: Recess

What :

  • Beef tartare, ginger, scallions, radishes, soy spicy mustard (pic1)
  • Spanish lubina “sea bass” in a sea of spring vegetables
  • Wild barramundi,  klondike rose potatoes, red wild mushrooms, arugula
  • beet chocolate cake, rhubarb ice cream, strawberries, sweet pickled beet stems, chocolate sauce


Our 1st anniversary! We had an amazing time. Every bite was delightful. We had a wonderful wine. They have a great wine list. Every course had so much taste. They have a new menu everyday so you might never have the same we had. I loved everything but just liked the dessert. It was a little bit to creative for me. First I don’t really like chocolate cake but with beets it was interesting but to much. However the rhubarb ice cream was incredible ! I will go back 😉


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