Dinner at Etete restaurant, DC

When: April 1, 2012

Where: Etete, Washington DC

What :

  • Sambusa : Triangular pastry rolls filled with lentil, green pepper, jalapeno, onion
  • Yebeg Kikil (mild) :Lamb chunks cooked in spiced butter mixed with fresh jalapeno, injera shreds
  • Special Etete’s Kitfo: Lean beef minced, seasoned with mitmita ground hot pepper and mixed with spiced butter, served with three different varieties of seasoned cottage cheese and greens
  • Special Vegetarian Combination : Gomen collard greens, tekil gomen cabbage and carrot, yekik alicha split peas, yemisir kik wat red lentils, and yeataklit wat carrots, potato and string beans and salad

Why :

We are visiting some friends in DC and we wanted something that you should have in DC. Something ethnic. Ethiopian!

It was delicious! Eating with our fingers, the spices, the music, it was authentic and delicious!


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