Home dinner for the Oscars night!

When : February 26, 2012

Where : Home

What :

  • Roulé of goat cheese and sun dried tomatoes with Tortilla
  • Tortilla grilled with cheese
  • some left over soup
  • fingerling potatoes cooked in the oven and some carrots
  • red wine

Why :

The Oscars 2012 ! It was a simple meal, a lot of simple thing done with tortilla! Mi amor loves tortillas 😉

Dinner at the Conrad with Timmy

When : March 2, 2012

Where : Conrad hotel (check their website here)

What :

  • Salad : Boston Bibb Lettuce, Mandarin Oranges and Dried Canberries, Goat cheese crostinni, White Balsamic Vinaigrette (sorry for the quality of the picture – it was dark and someone was speaking I didn’t want to disturb his speech)
  • Entrée : Herb Crusted Breast of Chicken, Tomato Basil Bushetta, Parmesan Polenta, Green and White Asparagus, Pesto Cream
  • Dessert : Carmel White chocolate Cheesecake Almond Brittle

Why :

The Annual Event of Timmy Global Health was at the Conrad. I was invited 😉

My favorite was the salad with the White Balsamic vinaigrette. It was not my first time there and I love the food and the service of the Conrad. It’s like watching a dance! They are very professional and I have never been disappointed. Each event I went to there always had great food. Even though I have to admit that their dessert are to rich for me and I am not always a fan. Look forward to being at the next event!