Weekend’s dinner at home

When : February 18/19, 2012

Where : Home

What :

  • Saturday – Rabbit and Polenta and an apple/almonds cake for dessert: White wine sauce for the rabbit and very cheesy for the polenta! Extra (Yes you read right Rabbit. It’s very good, doesn’t have a heavy or strong taste.)
  • Sunday – Spinach salad by Mi amor and Spicy Almonds by me : Matt made a spinach/sun dry tomatoes/goat cheese salad and warm up a French baguette, I toasted some almonds with jalapeños, garlic and rosemary!  

Why :

The “rabbit” because I love it. I am not a huge fan of meat but I love rabbit. I found one butcher in Indy (lekincaidmeats.com) who had one whole rabbit. My sister is an amazing cook and when we were in France she cooked us rabbit and polenta. Matt loved it so much that I wanted to try to make the same. The result is that : My sister is an amazingly better cook than me but my dinner was pretty good too.

Mi amor wanted to prepare dinner on Sunday night (and also wants to make it to the blog with his cooking 😉 I made the “almond snack” because it was National Almond Day on Thursday !


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