Lunch at the Corner Wine Bar

When : January 17, 2012

Where : Corner Wine Bar in Broadripple, Indianapolis

What :

  • Quiche du jour : Asparagus, prosciutto, goat cheese quiche with greens – I don’t really like the traditional quiche. It’s French but I prefer when they vary the ingredients! It was quite tasty with a hint of softness. I loved it! The dressing for the salad was also very good.

Why :

My friend Olya and I wanted to have lunch in Broadripple. I suggested different options and she chose the Corner Wine Bar. They have a lot of French food on the menu. It was perfect for our “European in Indy” lunch! The food was greatThey were not a lot of people (us and one woman) compare to the last time I went there for dinner. I will re-visit this place again!


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