Café au Lait day at Monon Coffee company

When : January 17, 2012

Where : Monon Coffee Company (on Central Avenue)

What :

  • A 16oz. Latte (2% milk) : This coffee has a sharp taste, a bouquet aroma, with subtle hints of dark chocolate!

Why :

It’s Café au lait Day today and I wanted to have a nice latte to start my day. I know that Latte and café au lait like in France are not the same, but essentially it’s milk and coffee together and I have a long day ahead of me. So I need more than an expresso with milk!

I haven’t been at the Monon Coffee company for probably 6 months and Willy still remember what I liked! This is amazing! I love it! In addition the Latte is amazing. It has with taste that I love so much! I wish this place will be closer to my job and I could get my coffee here more often. Today it’s beautiful and they have huge glass windows so you can enjoy the sun light. There is a lot of people having meetings! I love this atmosphere!

Happy Cafe au lait Day to everyone!


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