Dinner at Black Market

When : January 26, 2012

Where : Black market, Indianapolis

What :

  • welsh rarebit : aged cheddar / toasted barley bread  – love simplicity
  • masaman curryroot vegetables & rice – to order! Great! Love the peanuts.
  • braised lamb shoulder : olives & oranges / baked parmesan polenta “Awesome, right among of spices, tender lamb, best one I have in a long time and better then yours” said mi amor when I asked him. I have to admit it was spectacularly good!

Why : 

Back from Nicaragua, mi amor wanted something healthy and I worked late so didn’t have anytime to cook and anything ready. So Black Market was a good option. Plus it’s not far from us. And it’s delicious!

Black Market opened nearly a year ago on Mass Av. We were so excited when we heard about it that on our first time there we ordered nearly the entire menu. So much great food! It’s a keeper for Indy! We have been there other time since. It’s local, fresh food. Country food is what they do. But not only. It’s cosy, they have family style table so you can meet new people!

Visit them :

Black Market
922 Massachusetts Avenue
Indy 46202

and their website : www.blackmarketindy.net/index.php


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